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If one searched for my first name, this blog used to be the second search result in one search engine. Due to my inactivity, it is now nowhere on the first page. To keep my online existence alive, I plan to revive this :)

These days, I don't have patience to write oodles of text. I hardly have patience to even read such except when it is extremely interesting text - like I recently read the translation of "Aranyer Dinraatri". Was unputdownable especially because I was reading fiction after so long ! Otherwise, it's always twitter time where mind is hopping like a twitter from Hampi express to Obama to Shahrukh Khan in matter of seconds. But, hope to get more focus in life :)

Happy festivities !

Gandhi Bazaar must be teeming with fresh flowers, fruits and vegetables and must be a sea of humanity as well. Ladies in silk sarees must be touring homes of near and dear ones homes with "bagNa". Small streets must be blazing with loud speakers and houses must be filled with aromas of hoLige, kaDubu and chakli.. Wish everyone a happy gauri and ganesha festival :)

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At the university lab where I'm interning..

Grad student A: They're putting up stickers saying the food is only for guests of such and such event
Grad student B:  ...like that's going to stop us ! ;-)

I never realized free food is such a big deal with grad students in US ! But, whenever there is free food anywhere in the building, the news spreads like wild fire and the action is immediate :)

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Bangalore roads are a battlefield during peak traffic hours. Everyone is strategizing, fighting, blazing horns and putting lives into risk ! I have discovered 3 principles to keep sanity if you have to drive everyday through Bangalore..

1) People will change lanes. Nothing personal about it.
2) Never commit a time by which you will reach the destination. Not to yourself , not to others.
3) Silence helps. Keep the window glass up always.

Now, I drive at peace.

Having said that

These days I hear people using "having said that" a lot. Having said that, most of that usage seems appropriate and correct. When you say something, and you want to contradict yourself in the next statement, you use having said that. Having said that, now I think it's not used for contradicting; its purpose is to soften your previous statement with some doubt and indecision. Having said that, I must concede that there might be other usages.

Having said all that, now I must record that for the second time I left the car keys inside and locked us out. Well.. the Advaith guy was here within an hour of us calling their helpline and opened the door within minutes with a simple what-old-timers-call scale (I've heard it being called "ruler" by some misinformed kids these days). Having said that, he did struggle a bit. I say that not because he really struggled but because I don't know how else I could've used having said that in the last sentence :P


Last weekend, we had been to this quick trip to Marwante, a beach near Kundapur. To be precise, we were at Turtle bay beach resort, a decent but overpriced resort near Trasi junction which is 12 Kms after Kundapur (coming from Mangalore) on NH 17.

It's a very calm beach where the coast is shallow enough for you to venture into the sea but deep enough for you to enjoy the waters. There weren't too many people either. There is Souparnika river closeby which joins the Arabian sea near Marwante. In fact a section on NH17 has Arabian sea on one side and Souparnika river on the other side. You can walk along the beach from the resort to this section on NH 17. We went for a short boat ride into the backwaters of this river. There is a village "Padukone", a section of which is actually completely an island in these backwaters !! Every home has a boat there, they say. One of our co-passengers in the boat got very excited that this is the same "Padukone" that figures in the names of Deepika Padukone. He called his wife to tell her that he's in front of Deepika Padukone's village :P

Don't forget to go to "Light house island" if you go to this resort. It is just a collection of rocks nearby. But the motorboat ride into the sea is good and there were interesting fishes and sea-urchins and loads of gross-looking crabs there :P

Traffic camera!

Yesterday night at around 10:30, I was driving past a circle in Padmanabhanagar. It was pretty dark and lonely at that time. I took a left turn just when the signal went red. While I was doing that, in the middle of the circle, a bright camera flashed brilliantly and took my picture!! My first brush with such a camera in Bangalore. Pretty neat, I thought. I was quite impressed with Bangalore traffic police though I know that the picture was not for any hall of fame :P

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We moved to a new office yesterday. It is very far from home and the commute is 1.5 hours one-way on average. But, the office itself is nice. The cubicles are more spacious than the old office. I have a seat by the window from which I can see west sky which is largely unblemished by buildings and which will hopefully look great towards evening.

I will loose more of my waking hours in commute now. As it is, I am becoming quite useless these days. When my friends ask me why I am not blogging anything or reading anything interesting, I remember the couplet - "Ishq ne nikamma kar diya ghalib; varna ham bhi aadmi the kaam ke" :-)


I came to office on a weekend because I have a deadline to meet. But, my mind is so self sympathetic that I am working on a weekend that I am giving myself lot of leeway. I even bought a book at  Landmark to compensate for this :P  Landmark has a discount sale on !!  They have plenty of books on discount. Most notable among those were the "Wilco publishing house" classics. They are hard bound, good print and reasonably priced too. I bought only one book though -- "The rubaiyat of omar khayyam". It is a translation by Edward Fitzgerald in 1859 of a collection of Persian poems written by Khayyam in 11th century. I read first 20-30 poems. Some of them are good. 
But, as is obvious some of the essence would be altered if not necessarily degraded, during translations. I think good poets would choose words so that even the sounds of words have a bearing on the effect that it has on readers. Anyway, I can always assume I am reading an "adaptation" :P